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About the range
About the range
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    People with diabetes often suffer from poor blood circulation and nerve damage that result from high glucose (blood sugar) levels. When an injury occurs to the foot, many people with diabetes are less likely to feel the injury and more likely to experience slow healing. As a result, injuries to the foot often go unnoticed before they begin to fester and become infected.

    Diabetes often damages the nerves of those who have peripheral neuropathy. This often causes numbness. Diabetics who suffer from numbness in their feet are less likely to recognize foot problems when they arise. Broken foot bones are a particular problem for those with neuropathy. Nerve damage in the feet can also prevent the patients from sensing temperature. Therefore, patients are more likely to suffer burns from hot bath water, hot pavement, heating pads, and radiators and space heaters.

    Therefore foot protection is very important for diabetic patients. Our company especially designed diabetic insoles to those people who suffer from the diabetic. The diabetic insoles we supply are mainly made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate special material which is a durable plastic foam material made of special resin and is elastic, distributing pressure away from prominent lesions. With highly improved manufacturing new process and new chemical formula, special foam materials comply with safety standards are available. The tree-layers and two-layers design provides relieve to insensitive diabetic feet, absorb shock. The insoles provide an outstanding fit with a deeply cupped, stabilizing heel and moderate longitudinal arch which provide more protection and stabilization.

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