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About the range
About the range
  • Silicone Insole
  • Gel Insoles
  • Diabetic Insole
  • Foam Insoles
  • Magnetic & Cork Insole
  • Latex & Leather Insoles
  • Orthopedic
  • Materials
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    These series insoles are mainly designed for sports and different shoes. We apply to the EVA, PU, PE, poly, foam, and so on material to manufacture different function insoles. The foam series insoles have been designed according to foot structure and force standing characteristic, adjust the force layer on the heel, arch and forefoot area. The insoles have super shock absorbing effect. Focus on the insole style designed. Enhance the insole function for foot, Protect heel, arch and forefoot. Such as the insoles are more comfortable, reduce fatigue, Wicks Moisture, avoid callus, anti-Bacteria, Anti-corn, Enhanced biomechanics, Self conforming capabilities, Moisture management, Enhanced breathability, and temperature regulation technologies, Fast-Dry, Washable, Odor-free, Flexible, shock-absorption, Anti-slippery, anti-fungus, anti-bacteria.

    The EVA insoles are mainly made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) materials which should be the common name of EVA foam material, is durable foam materials made of EVA particle. It has different density, grade, hardness, light weight and good thermal insulation, water-proof, cushioning and elastic. With highly improved manufacturing process and new chemical formula, higher grade of EVA foam materials comply with safety standards are available.

    The PU insoles are mainly made from PU (Polyurethane) which is superior to traditional PU due to its breakthrough in foaming process. The most dense, durable, and stable insole materials; The PU insoles designed according to biomechanics is breathable, moisture-absorption, fast-dry, washable, odor-free, flexible, shock-absorption, anti-slippery, anti-fungus, anti-bacteria.

    The PE insoles are mainly made from PE (Polyethylene) materials which is impact strength (unbreakable), light weight, physiologically inert, weatherproof, abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction.

    The Poly insoles are mainly made from Poly materials which is one type of foam. The poly insoles are excellent cushioning, excellent noise and thermal insulation, waterproof, light weight.

    Therefore, these series insoles provide superior shock absorption, excellent cushioning, and long-lasting comfort, total foot comfort in athletic, walking and hiking footwear. Keep shoes good environment, take care of your foot, Ití»s very comfortable health insole products.

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