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About the range
About the range
  • Silicone Insole
  • Gel Insoles
  • Diabetic Insole
  • Foam Insoles
  • Magnetic & Cork Insole
  • Latex & Leather Insoles
  • Orthopedic
  • Materials
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    We supply four types gel insoles£ºTPU Gel insoles£¬TPE Gel insoles, isogel polymer insoles, TPR and ABS insoles.

    Thermoplastic Urethanes material is a semi-solid material which has a lot of good characters. It¡¯s innocuous, protecting environment, anti-abrasion, high soft, high rebound features, absorbing moisture, odor-free, breathable, being coloured. so the insoles made from this material also have all these characters. And we also supply the TPU insoles inserted mineral oil which massage the feet and protect environment according to FDA standard.

    Thermoplastic Elastomer is a material which own rubber and thermoplastic characters, high elastic, easy shaping. The TPE insoles often paste three types material (floss, velour, resemble suede) on surface, therefore the insoles are more comfortable.

    The isogel polymer has various durometers, thicknesses, rebound features and come in an array of custom colors to meet product specifications. We insert the isogel polymer in TPU material supplying more comfortable insoles.

    The TPR insole is Orthopedics arch support; The TPR orthotics arch support insoles had been proven to eliminate posture problems, foot pain, and leg pain! The insoles help reduce pain in feet, knees, hips, spine, pelvis. Get rid of sore. While running, walking, or even standing, the insoles are perfect for all of arch support. It can enhance the comfort and shock absorbing properties of your insoles.

    We supply various products using above materials, such as full length insoles, metatarsal cushion for high heels, ball-of-foot cushion, heel cups, heel cradles, and so on.

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