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About the range
About the range
  • Silicone Insole
  • Gel Insoles
  • Diabetic Insole
  • Foam Insoles
  • Magnetic & Cork Insole
  • Latex & Leather Insoles
  • Orthopedic
  • Materials
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    1). EVA, neoprene, Orthopedic material

    BDAC has the capability to blend EVA with various other compounds to create a variety of materials, different grade of EVA foam materials comply with safety standards, All varying in tensile strength, lightness, resistance to abrasion, bonding capacity and strength, and durability over time.

    We can blend EVA or neoprene with football glove materials to create various tensile strength, flexibility, resistance to abrasion, bonding capacity and strength, and durability. Using the new chemical formula with our EVA foam in football glove production, we laminate the fabrics for customers. The EVA foam surface can be printed and the EVA is top grade among football gloves. we have 7 various kinds raw material, EVA foam, PE foam, TPU laminate velour, PU leather, Neoprene material, SBR material, and Orthopedic material.

  • EVA Printing
  • Poly
  • TPE particle
  • 2). TPU film and velour roll material

    BDAC are using the high performance elastomers TPU film, the TPU is the environmentally " Green Material ", it also offers a unique combination of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties, including high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding flexibility, weather resistance, no-toxic (sterilized), recyclable, and decomposable, which have qualified to meet a number of most demanding end-applications. With its outstanding performance and properties, we laminate the velour cloth, it can be many available processing techniques, such as hot plate welding, high frequency welding, and it had been the shoes industry, and garment.

  • Cork TPU Velour
  • Fabric

  • 3). Cork with top cloth roll material

    Designed for use as an insoles material, the cork Insoles are made from a special blend natural cork which comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. And also is ideal for numerous other shoes industrial requirements.

      The comfort cushioning performance foams
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