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    Foam insoles

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  • 04.01_ EVA 1102:
    Item: Olympulse EVA Full Insoles
    Material: EVA, Poliyou, Gel, Latex
    Size: 37-46

    EVA provides superior shock absorption, excellent cushioning, and long-lasting comfort.

    Gel insert provides extra protection and shock absorption to the heel area.

    Water-resistant, good thermal insulation.

    Lightweight, breathable, hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant.

    Ideal for athletics, walking and hiking.

    04.02_EVA 1128:
    Item: Heat Moldeable Insoles
    Material: black rigid EVA support(high density frame)+yellow heat moldable EVA+mesh fabric on top.
    Size: 37-46

    Heat moldeable insoles.

    Specially designed for flat foot.

    Comfortable fit and flexible Arch support.

    Heat moldable for a custom fit.

    Hardness: EVA shore A 55-65 degree.

    Pre-heat the oven. Do not use a microwave.
    CONVENTIONAL OVEN: Set to bake at 200F / 90C.
    CONVECTION OVEN: Start at 175F / 80C.
    GAS OVEN (UK): Start at lowest gas mark (1/4, S, SS).

    04.03_PFM 1124:
    Item: Breezy Feet Poly Foam Insoles
    Material: black mesh +poly +black jersey+green poron
    Size: 37-46

    Polyfoam absorbs shock and Memory Foam pad reduces impact on heel bone.

    Anatomical Arch maximizes support and conserves foot structure.

    Velour for additional softness and well-being.

    Supportive heel cup cradles your heel and provides walking stability.

    Suitable for all activities working, standing, walking, hiking and athletics.

    Innovative design.

    04.04_PFM 1121:
    Item: Breezy Feet Dual layer Genuine Leather and Foam Insoles
    Material: Blue PolyFoam + Tanned Sheepskin Leather
    Size: 37-46

    High-end leather provides excellent sweat-absorption, keeping the feet dry and consequently making the footwear more hygienic.

    Lightweight, breathable PolyFoam provides superior shock absorption.

    Low profile insoles ideal for walking, providing all-day protection and relief from fatigue and pain in the feet, knees, hip and lower back.

    Low -curved rims for enhanced stability and support.

    Slight Arch support maximizes comfort and relieves pain from over-worked arch.

    Fit most shoes.

    04.05_PFM 1101:
    Item: Working' on Air PU Foam Insoles
    Material: PU foam, Memory foam, Microfiber velvet fabric
    Size: 37-46

    Mold to the shape of your feet, allow normal blood circulation.

    Soft PU foam absorbs 50% shock, reduce the burden on toes, knees and waist.

    Heat-retaining properties alleviate foot pain for additional comfort.

    Breathable, moisture-absorbent, washable, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

    Washable and water-resistant.

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