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    Foam insoles

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  • 04.06_ PFM 1104:
    Item: Breezy Feet Poly Foam Insoles
    Material: black mesh +poly +black jersey+green poron
    Size: 37-46

    Polyfoam absorbs shock and Memory Foam pad reduces impact on heel bone.

    Anatomical Arch maximizes support and conserves foot structure.

    Velour for additional softness and well-being.

    Supportive heel cup cradles your heel and provides walking stability.

    Suitable for all activities working, standing, walking, hiking and athletics.

    Innovative design.

    04.07_PFM 1201-0:
    Item: Her Sole High Heel Latex Insoles
    Material: Foam
    Size: W'S

    Made from foam which is breathable, keeping feet warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and pasted cloth on the surface, the insoles are breathable, absorb sweat, keep feet fresh, supply long lasting cushioning, and divert
    pressure away from the forefoot. It can be trimmed with scissors to fit any shoes.

    04.08_PFM 1401:
    Item: MetaComfort Foam Heel pad
    Material: PolyFoam+ Velvet
    Size: L,S

    Extra-soft PolyFoam raised heel pad provides extra-cushioning while reducing pain and fatigue in joints, vertebral column, lower back, muscles and tendons.

    Low profile pad prevents from shifting pressure on arch or metatarsal areas while walking.

    Anti-sliding heel craddle maximizes support and comfort.

    Velvet for additional softness and cozy sensation.

    04.09_PFM 1106:
    Item: Olympulse Sports Insoles, PU Foam EXTRA Shock-Absorption
    Material: PU foam, PU gel, Poliyou and mesh fabric
    Size: Men (30.4*10.5*1 cm); Women (27.6*10*1 cm)

    PU material provides cushioning and excellent thermal insulation.

    Soft PU foam can absorb about 50% shock, reducing the burden on toes, knees and waist.

    Gel inserts provide additional cushioning and shock absorption.

    Arch contour gives support and stability.

    Velour natural softness protects the skin and gives added comfort.

    Poliyou is breathable, wicks moisture and absorbs odor with "natural active carbon".

    04.10_EVA 1133:
    Item: Workin on Air Memory Foam Insoles
    Material: PU Foam + Memory Foam+ Velour
    Size: 37-46

    Heat-sensitive Memory Foam instantly adapts to the shape of the feet, providing cushioning and excellent thermal insulation.

    Soft PU foam absorbs shock, reducing the burden on ankles, knees and lower back.

    Velour natural softness protects the skin and gives added comfort.

    Anatomical arch support provides extra cushioning and flexible support?.

    Anti-skid strip and heel craddle keep insole from sliding.

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