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    The Gel insoles

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  • 02.36_ TGEL 1104-1:
    Item: Gel full length insoles
    Material: Gel, fabric
    Size: 40-45

    The floss adhered to the non-paste surface absorbs sweat, makes the insoles softer and more comfortable. The thermoplastic elastomer material adhered to the paste surface is a solid material making the cushion more elastic and diverting pressure away from the heel area. The blue raised designing on the heel, metatarsal, ball of foot areas distribute your weight to these areas, reduce stress on them. The slight arch provides arch support and heel stability. They can easily be trimmed with scissors for a perfect fit.

    02.37_ DF-NG-F01:
    Item: Gel ball of foot
    Material: Gel
    Size: one size

    This gel cushion which serves as an anti-slip pad especially for high heels provide extra comfort and minimize pain caused by metatarsal soreness. It also helps in relieving and reducing burning sensation for distant walking. The small raised balls on the cushion massage the metatarsal area and make your feet more comfortable.

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