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  • Silicone insole
  • Gel insole
  • Diabetic insole
  • Foam insole
  • Magnetic & cork insole
  • Latex & leather insole
  • Orthopedic
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    BDAC welcome you to select different material and components, and different manufactured process to make insoles. We have more than 100 kinds of different insoles to provide maximum comfort for your feet.

    Now, we supply seven series products, including silicone insoles, gel insole, diabetic insoles, EVA PU PE Poly foam insoles, magnetic & cork insoles, latex & leather insoles, orthopedic products. Over the years, we continue improve our products according to customers’ request, helping more and more people obtain comfortably foot lives by our designing, and manufacturing.

    We supply all kinds of insoles, including heel cups, heel insoles, heel liner, heel pads, inner sole, arch insoles, arch support insoles, ball of feet cushion, cushion insoles, foot cushion, insole pads. And we also supply different function insoles, such as comfort insoles, custom insoles, diorthosis insole, ESD insoles, insole material, magnet insoles, massage insoles, molding insoles, orthotics insole, podiatry insoles, replacement insoles, shock absorbing Insoles and so on.

    BDAC main products are Gel, silicone, diabetic, insoles. We have 2 own factory in china for gel insoles now. Our TPU bladder insoles include liquid gel insoles and isogel polymer gel insoles. Our TPE injection insoles are also very standard for customer. We have our joint venture factory for our silicone insoles production in south of china, and we also have our several diabetic insoles production line,including different insoles material using, selection, function, and insoles shape, mould discussing, cost compare from north to south china. Customer is the first, and customer satisfaction is our happy.

    We main focus on following customer footcare & shoes materials type selection, technology support, quality control, cost, package, order capacity, shipment, lead time, order production plan and schedule, order management. We need clearly to know the order running states, and feedback insoles order production situation to our customer.

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