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Research & technology
Research & technology
  • Silicone insoles technology
  • Gel insoles Technology
  • Diabetic & orthopedic
  • Foam technology
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    Gel insoles Technology:

    We supply four types Gel insoles which are complete through the following methods.

    RF Welding RF (Radio Frequency) Welding applies high frequency radio energy to produce molecular melting and welding responses in thermoplastic materials that yields a bond that is essentially as strong as the base material. This process is ideal for production TPU gel insoles.

    Injection Molding: firstly heating the thermoplastics, polystyrene, nylon, polypropylene, polythene etc. materials, and then pressured them in a mold they can be formed into different shape. We mainly apply this technology in making TPE, TPR, insoles.

    Reactive molding which is used to mold different types materials in same time. Ití»s also used in making gel insoles and pu gel insole.

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