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Research & technology
Research & technology
  • Silicone insoles technology
  • Gel insoles Technology
  • Diabetic & orthopedic
  • Foam technology
  • Summary

    We are using the D3D concept for insole researching, and have good material technology knowlege to develop new products. For material choice, Bejing Bid Ace Co., Ltd develop the insole material have two target:

    1. One side, we take higher grade material, Have good foot care function, such as active carbon, breathable, sweat, shock absorbing key material, and function Fabric that cooperate with footcare technological center in china.

    2. Another side, we cooperate with foot scan system to achieve maximal correction while ensuring greatest function, by using the latest and most innovative technology, Continue develop the high-technology material, We take silicone, Gel, EVA, PE, PU, latex foam, memory foam, active carbon, silicon, TPR, TPE, TPU, ABS, PU, foam, isogel gel insoles, and so on.

    Silicone insole
    w - Silicone insoles technology

    Gel insole
    w -Gel insoles technology

    Diabetic insole
    w -Diabetic & orthopedic technology?

    EVA PU PE Poly foam insole
    w -EVA PU PE ploy foam insoles technology

    w -Summary.

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